What Are The Strongest Shapes

What Are The Strongest Shapes? (Why Is The Triangle)

Shapes of geometry can have different strengths.

The triangle is known to be the strongest shape.

Strength is measured by the amount of force that can be applied to a shape before it bends or deforms.

In this article, we will discuss why triangles are considered to be the strongest shape.

Why Is Triangle The Strongest?

A triangle is the strongest shape because it can properly distribute the force around itself.

This means that a triangle has a good balance.

  • If you have 3 sticks, and you pin them on each other to form a triangle, it will withstand the force applied on it and will never deform.

What Are The Strongest Shapes


  • The same rule is not applicable to squares or other shapes.

What Are The Strongest Shapes

  • The square cannot even distribute or balance itself, and so if you push it from certain sides, it will deform.
  • This is the reason why engineers favor triangles when creating structures.
  • If you look at the foundations of houses, you will notice that some beams are formed in a triangular position.
  • Cranes, radio towers, bridges, and other structures use triangles as their foundation.

What Are The Strongest Shapes

  • If you look closely, you can notice that these structures are made out of combined triangular patterns.

The Arc As The Strongest 3d Shape

In a 2d space, triangles will dominate as the strongest shape.

But it is different in 3d.

Arcs (think: circle) is the strongest structural shape.

In nature, a sphere is the strongest 3d shape.

Think about cylinders, gas tanks, and space helmets.

These things are designed in a spherical manner due to their efficiency and strength.

This also applies to things we see such as fruits, the skull, etc.

Triangles in Nature

In human anatomy, we might see that muscles and tendons form triangular patterns too.

However, most of them really favor the form of hexagons when it comes to the macroscopic level.

Under a microscope, we do not really see anything that is triangular.

Most chemical compositions do not like triangles.

They are more stable in forms like a hexagon.


If Triangles Are The Strongest, Why Do We Not See Triangles In Space?

This is because things like planets and stars do not fall under the 2d shape.

They are part of nature and thus they form spheres.

Although this is purely theoretical since the reason why planets and stars form as round objects is due to gravity.

Can We Build Structures Without Using Triangles?

Yes, you can build structures without the need for triangles.

Some engineers even do this as a form of aesthetic.

However, it is better to always have triangular angles in structures.

It will be more costly and will require more time to build things without using triangular shapes in buildings.

Can We Wield The Edges Of Shapes To Make Them Stronger?

This is possible but not very practical in engineering.

Yes, wielding or tightly screwing the edges will make the shape a bit more rigid.

However, it does not guarantee strength.

This can be very dangerous.

If enough force is applied, the edges might not withstand it.

This will cause the structure to collapse.

If even one of them breaks, everything will fall and it will be a domino effect.

Is the Circle The Strongest Shape?

This is actually debatable.

Some people will say that since the circle is locked and it has no sections, then it is the strongest shape.

The circle is a great shape but it is impractical when it comes to forcing distribution.

In the case of withstanding pressures from inside, the circle is perfect.

However, a circle cannot properly balance itself, unlike a triangle.

It cannot distribute external shock around itself when hit by an outside force.

A circle is also useless in building houses and structures.

We don’t see circles on buildings and other construction works.

This is because the circle does not have a base, and so it cannot really support a structure very well.

What Does The Triangle Symbolise?

According to the Symbolism Wiki, a triangle represents Harmony, Perfectness, and Importance.

It is known to be the strongest unit.

In writing, the triangle represents the Greek letter Delta.

In Christianity, a triangle is a representation of the Holy Trinity One God.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is an extensive symbolism for a Christian Triangle.

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